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First year Calendar For Advanced Level Students Second year 6 AUTUMN ( September - December) Start looking at the full range of options beyond school/ college. Review AS/ BTEC/ Advanced Diploma/ Baccalaureate choices and GCSE results. Seek help on whether retakes, changes or additional subjects will be needed. SPRING ( January - April) Begin to research opportunities in HE and employment available at the end of your course. Consider the benefits of registering for UCAS Card and yougo. Prepare for and attend a UCAS HE Convention ( see page 7). Consider completing Stamford/ Centigrade/ UKCourseFinder/ Higher Ideas/ Careerscape/ or equivalent exercise to explore and expand ideas. SUMMER ( May - July) Continue to research details of HE courses - check entry requirements using websites and Entry Profiles, and write or email for prospectuses. Begin to draw up a shortlist of HE courses for more detailed research. Attend at least two HE open days. On- time CUKAS applications for music conservatoires should be submitted between 1 July and 1 October. Plan courses and timetable for next term. Arrange work experience or visits to explore careers you are interested in. This is essential if considering medical, paramedical or teaching careers and advisable for many other vocational HE courses. If considering sponsorship or taking a year out, begin to write to companies and organisations that may be able to offer opportunities. Develop ideas and collate material in preparation for writing the Personal Statement. Find out about financial support for HE ( see websites on page 33) and discuss with parents/ carers and advisers. Check out closing dates and registration arrangements for any subject or institution- specific HE entrance tests ( e. g. UKCAT, LNAT, TSA). AUTUMN ( September - December) Review courses and timetable in the light of summer exam results. Before mid- September consider the implications of certification of AS grades. Seek advice if unsure. UCAS applications should be submitted between 1 September and 15 January. Applications for Oxford and Cambridge universities should reach UCAS by 15 October. Applications for medicine, veterinary science and dentistry should also reach UCAS by 15 October. Applications for diploma level nursing and midwifery courses are also made through UCAS. Some applications to art and design courses will need to be made via UCAS by 15 January. See the UCAS Apply online instructions for more information. Apply online for financial assessment and support at www. studentfinanceengland. co. uk Applications for courses/ training schemes at institutions for which direct application is required should be completed, for example art foundation. Apply to organisations for sponsorships, scholarships or bursaries as appropriate. Research employment possibilities and attend local careers conventions for information on job opportunities. SPRING ( January - April) Applications to some art and design courses have a later closing date of 24 March but UCAS advises that applications should be submitted by the beginning of March. Look at the UCAS Apply online instructions for more information. If you haven't already done so, apply online now for financial assessment and support at www. studentfinanceengland. co. uk If seeking employment, keep in touch with your Connexions Service and start applying for jobs. If not holding an offer from an HEI after initial application, undertake further research and consider using UCAS Extra from 25 February. SUMMER ( May - July) Further applications using UCAS Extra may be made until 6 July. UCAS offers should normally have been received and acted upon by 5 May unless advised differently. If, on publication of your results, you require further help, your local Connexions Service will offer additional support during August and September to assist you in finding other options in HE ( including Clearing and Adjustment), training or employment. If planning to work, consider relevance of part- time HE.

UCAS higher education conventions Exeter Westpoint Arena 15- 16 March 2010 Cornwall Tremough Campus Falmouth 17 March 2010 Bristol University of the West of England Frenchay Campus 18- 19 March 2010 Dorset Bournemouth University 22 April 2010 These events are organised by UCAS and HELOA ( the Higher Education Liaison Officers' Association) in conjunction with Connexions Services. They are attended by the majority of universities and colleges within UCAS, as well as by organisations that support the student experience. For further details of these and other careers fairs contact your local Connexions Service - see back cover for addresses. " I wish I'd taken the opportunity to learn more about HE, talking to uni students, and getting their perspective before applying" - 1st year student, Manchester Metropolitan University. For Your Diary 7